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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is cancer in the brain curable?

    The cure for brain cancer depend on the type of tumor, location of the tumor in the brain and how it responds to the treatment Benign tumors are curable while the malignant tumors may not be 100% curable and tend to come back after completion of the treatment

    What are the symptoms of end stage brain cancer?

    The symptoms of end stage brain cancer/ tumor includes confusion, delirium, hallucinations, invlountary movements, loss of vision, loss of appetite, memory loss etc

    Are brain cancer and brain tumor the same?

    All brain cancers are tumors, but not all brain tumors are cancerous. Non-cancerous brain tumors are called Benign brain tumors. Benign brain tumors typically grow slowly, have distinct borders and rarely spread.

    Is brain cancer genetic?

    Chances are very rare for brain cancer to run in families. Brain cancer etiology is not known but quite commonly seen in patients who were exposed to high dose of ionizing radiation.

    When does brain cancer spreads to spine?

    When brain tumor spreads to other parts of the body, it is called metastatic brain cancer. The treatment and prognosis for metastatic brain tumors varies in different individuals depending on their specific cases.

    Can brain cancre occur without tumor?

    All brain tumors are not cancerous, but all brain cancers are tumors. Benign tumors does not generally spread while cancerous tumirs tend to spread to other parts of the body.

    Can you feel cancer in your brain?

    In early stages the tumor might be small to show any visible symptoms. But as the tumor grows , it can put pressure on nerves and brain that may lead to symptoms like headache, disorientation, dizziness etc.