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How it Works

Browse the Patient directory

Browse our past patients directory to find others who can guide you. Filter based on their cancer history, disease stage, location and type of treatments experienced.

Request for Introduction

Request an introduction to selected patient(s) using the online form. You have the choice to connect via call or email.

Get Connected

Based on availability of the selected patient(s), we will setup a call to introduce you both at the earliest possible time. You will receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions once you submit a request online.

Notes and Instructions

  • Verification of past patients is conducted by our team. Patients have the right to remain anonymous, please do not seek personal information about identity such as name, address, contact details etc.
  • Calls are generally setup for 30-mins duration. If you need more time, you may request a second call. Kindly respect the time of the past patient.
  • Do not seek medical advise from past patients. Since most cases are different, discuss medical options with your treating doctor. You can use this call to learn about the past patient’s personal experience while undergoing treatments, their feedback on treatments and experience with hospitals and doctors.
  • Please refrain from seeking pricing related information, others may not be comfortable to share these details. Our team can help you seek cost estimates from medical providers directly.