About us

At DCode Care we put our patients and their caregivers at the centre of the Cancer treatment journey, protecting their interest and empowering them with personalised information about hospital and treatment choices to speed up their decision making. DCode Care’s information is generated using proprietary algorithms which give weightage to doctor, equipment and expertise available within any hospital or diagnostic centre, based on cancer type and financial means. Pre-analysed data and research based knowledge enables patients to access treatment faster and within their means.

DCode Care focuses on helping patients and caregivers avail well managed and timely Cancer Care, leading to better treatment outcomes and quality of life for both patients and their caregivers.

George Thangaiah Complex 21,
80 feet road Indiranagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Our Vision

Driving a positive healthcare experience for patients.

Our Mission

Empower chronic/critical condition patients to find suitable care basis their individual needs. Always guide patients with trusted, relevant and actionable information about health care providers suited for their condition.

Editorial Policy

We produce independent, expert, up-to-date information for people suffering from cancer. Our information is based on the latest evidence and is reviewed every year. It is written in simple language and we try to make it accessible to a wide range of people. Medical information on our website comes from high-quality medical association websites from around the world and is carefully reviewed by medical professionals.​ Medical information provided here is for general use, however, it does not apply to everyone. Please follow medical advice from registered medical practitioners for your specific condition.

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