• Dr. Nirmala Srikantia

    Professor and Head, Radiation Oncology
    Practices at St. John's Hospital
    Doctor Profile Pic
    Has advanced training as super-specialist in cancer

    Radiation Oncologist

    Experience : 34 years
    Education: MBBS, MD
    Trained at Kidwai Cancer Center
      • Currently works as the HOD of Radiation Oncology department of St. Johns Medical College and Hospital
      • Radiation Oncologists are the required for most cancers at all stages for radiation therapy treatment. Especially important for brain cancers. Has extensive experience in all advanced radiation therapy techniques. Special interest in breast cancer and using radiation therapy for palliative care.
    DCode Care Expert Analysis
      • Senior oncologist and HOD of Radiation Oncology dept. in St. Johns Hospital, Bangalore.
      • Has been trained in Kidwai hospital and served in large tertiary care cancer hospitals such as Ramaiah. Her experience has exposed her to wide range of cancer cases.
      • Received advanced training from international institutes in Italy and Denmark.
      • Published over 22 research papers in the field of cancer in international and national journals, hence continuously updates her knowledge.
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    Pay at Hospital : INR 450