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By DCode Care Team | November 16th 2021

 Best Cancer treatment Hospitals in Bangalore | DCode Care

Choosing the best cancer treatment hospital in Bangalore can prove to be a challenging task. This decision needs proper research, as well as a basic understanding of the treatment process that you could opt for. It is also equally important that you do not lose out on time during the research stage.

Hence, we compiled a list of things for you to consider before narrowing down the best cancer hospital in Bangalore for your cancer type.

Compare Cancer specialists available in the hospital

While choosing the hospital, consider the availability of cancer specialists in the hospital.

  • Find out about the team of experts available at the hospitals which treat your cancer type and the availability of super-specialists or site-specialists for that type.
  • Inquire about the availability of a multi-disciplinary team of oncologists (surgical, medical and radiation oncology) in the hospital.
  • Find out the number of years of experience each of the specialists have in cancer treatment. More experienced the team, the better the chances of a positive outcome.

Does the hospital have the latest Cancer Infrastructure available?

The next area to look at would be the infrastructure of the cancer hospital. Cancer can’t be treated in a clinic or by one doctor. It has to be treated by a team of doctors and needs advanced medical infrastructure to treat it properly. It’s important to find out whether the cancer hospital has the infrastructure for all the clinical services (basic, specialized, super-specialized) recommended by international standards for the particular cancer type.

Find out about the availability of-

  • Basic services like ultrasound, radiography machines, pathology, surgery, chemotherapy, and basic palliative care.
  • Specialized services catering to your cancer type like histology, core biopsy, radiation therapy, MRI, PET CT, and palliative RT.
  • Super Specialized Services catering to the cancer type like CT with contrast, bone scan, professional genetic counselling, robotic surgery, targeted therapy, and mental health counselling.

Success Rates

Lastly, but most importantly, you want to choose a hospital that has high success rates. Success rate can be determined by

  • The number of cases where patients have recovered from their cancer type through a treatment in that hospital.
  • Experiences of individuals who have had or are currently undergoing their cancer treatment, whatever type that may be, from a particular hospital or doctor.
The success rate of a cancer treatment hospital in Bangalore or any other city is a very big sign of how they would be handling your treatment.

The high-volume cancer hospitals which cater to a large number of patients usually imply that the doctors there have more experience in the cancer type in which they are taking more patients. One indicator of whether the cancer hospital deals with high volumes can be the long waiting list in the hospital.

However, comprehensive cancer care centres which have larger facilities and more capacity to take care of patients may be managing the volumes better, in which case, the waiting list might be shorter.

Since all of this information is difficult to find and analyse, our team at DCode Care has put together a list based on inputs from cancer experts or specialists and inputs from our own patients who received care from these hospitals.

Best Cancer Hospital in Bangalore

Need guidance for your cancer case? Contact us

To know which hospitals are well-equipped to treat your cancer case, send an enquiry to our patient counsellor. Our counsellors will study your reports and suggest the best hospitals that have the right specialist and infrastructure to treat your case.

The above Bangalore cancer hospital list includes the top 20 cancer hospitals in Bangalore. These hospitals are ranked on the basis of available cancer infrastructure, treatment methods available, as well as treatment costs.

More detailed information on the best cancer treatment hospitals according to the specific types of cancer can be found on our website via this link. Our website features hospitals with expert ratings as well as the unique facilities available at each hospital- ranging from whether the hospital is equipped to handle early stage cancers or advanced stages as well, the number of specialists available required to treat a type of cancer, average experience of the doctors in the hospital, as well as clinical services that are available.

It is important to understand that you can also decide upon the hospital type based on your cancer stage.

Most early stage cancers can be treated in a mid-size affordable hospital. However, if you have advanced cancer, you will most likely need treatment from high end machines which are usually available only in large hospitals.

At advanced stages there is a requirement of expertise from different specialists as well as technological intervention, hence handled more professionally at comprehensive centres. These centres provide comprehensive treatment and care, access to blood banks, well equipped ICUs, and employ onco-nurses who are trained to handle complex cases.

Four Rights can guide you in your Cancer treatment journey

Right Hospital

Evaluate hospitals through expert ratings for infrastructure available to treat your cancer type. Our counsellors are available to guide you in the process right from the time of diagnosis. Find right hospital.

Right Doctor

Get to the right specialist for your cancer type. Review experience in treating cases like yours.

Right Success Rates

Discover high-volume centres handling complex cases. Higher patient volumes mean better treatment success rates.

Right Price

Compare treatment costs, beforehand. Find financial assistance in the form of an instant medical loan.

DCode Care has been simplifying cancer care for patients by providing exclusive information about the best cancer treatment hospitals in Bangalore, as well as specialists for every cancer type. Our patient counsellors are here to help you in your time of need and to provide you with the best choice of treatment available according to your exact requirements. Get in touch with us today, and let us make your treatment journey easier, efficient, and economical.