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    Cancer Infrastructure Available

    BGS Global Gleneagles Hospital, Kengeri, Bangalore

    Address: Kengeri, Bangalore
      • Equipped to treat all stages of rectal cancer (early & advanced)
      • Has a multi-disciplinary team (surgical, medical & radiation oncologists)
      • Has dedicated medical & surgical gastroenterology departments, with specialists who are required to work with the cancer team on complex colorectal cancer cases
    DCode Care Expert Analysis
      • 92% of clinical services recommended by international standards to comprehensively treat rectal cancer are available here
      • 11 of 12 types of specialists required to treat rectal cancer are available
      • Average experience of treating doctors is 6 years (as specialists)


Up to 12 different types of specialists may be required to treat breast cancer. BGS cancer has 11 of 12 types of specialists. The presence of a dedicated breast surgeon, Dr. Monika.P is an added advantage. These surgeons are super-specialists with focus on one cancer site, hence usually have wide exposure to different types of breast cancer cases.

Professional genetic counseling maybe beneficial to some patients, however, genetic counselor is currently unavailable at BGS. If required, you may be referred out for this specialized test.

The following types of specialists are available at BGS for breast cancer treatment:

  • Surgical oncologist
  • Breast surgeon
  • Plastic surgeon
  • Medical oncologist
  • Radiation oncologist
  • Palliative care specialist
  • Onco-pathologist
  • Radiologist
  • Mental Health Professional
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Dietitian
  • Tumor Board


Basic Services-Diagnostic & Preparatory Tests

  • History & Physical Exam
  • Mammography
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Pathology

Specialized Services- Diagnostic & Preparatory Tests (Basic+)

  • Ultrasound
  • Histology
  • Surgical Biopsy
  • Core Biopsy
  • FNAC
  • Surgery

Super-Specialized Services-Diagnostic & Preparatory Tests (Specialized+)

  • CT with contrast
  • HER2 test by IHC/ISH
  • Fertility Counseling
  • Mental Health Professional - psychology / psychiatric
  • Social Work / Counseling services

Basic Services-Treatment

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Endocrine Therapy
  • Basic Palliative Care

Specialized Services- Treatment (Basic+)

  • Palliative RT
  • General Palliative Care Team

Super-Specialized Services- Treatment (Specialized+)

  • Reconstruction Surgery
  • Dedicated Palliative Care Specialist

Basic Services-Follow-UP

  • History & Physical Exam
  • Endocrine Therapy

Specialized Services- Follow-UP (Basic+)

  • Mammography
  • Lymphedema management
  • Gynecologic Assessment


The hospital accepts most private insurances.

Accepted govt. schemes: Karantaka Police health welfare trust, Arogya Bhagya Yojana (ABY), BWSSB and BESCOM, KPTC, PSUs - BHEL, BEML, ISRO

Schemes not accepted: ESI, CGHS and Arogya Karnataka

The following patient facilities are available here:

  • 24x7 Emergency Room
  • ICU
  • Ambulance
  • Digitized Patient Records HIS
  • Home pick up for lab sample
  • Online test report delivery
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department
  • Govt. insurance accepted
  • Private Insurance accepted
  • TPA Desk
  • Cancer Support Group in Hospital
  • International Outstation patient helpdesk

Why Choose This Hospital


1.Integrated Cancer Care program: The hospital assures every patient’s case is reviewed by a panel of oncology specialists (Surgical, medical, radiation oncologists). This type of Multi-disciplinary team approach is globally considered a best practice in cancer care delivery.

2.Tumor Board Reviews: Regarded as a worldwide best practice, tumor boards are meetings where difficult and challenging cases are discussed by a team of specialists. BGS Global conducts tumor board reviews regularly among the oncologists for case reviews.

3.Dedicated Focus on Breast Cancer: The availability of a dedicated breast surgeon assures focussed approach to breast malignancies.

4.Focus on Pain Management: Pain and discomfort often need professional management during and after cancer treatment. The hospital has a dedicated Palliative Medicine team headed by Dr. R. Madhan Kumar (MD, FIP) to provide pain and palliative care from the start of the treatment. Advanced interventional pain management techniques are available through Interventional Oncology headed by Dr. MC Uthappa (FRCS, FRCR).

5.Supportive Care Specialists: The cancer department has supporting departments to care for comfort of the patient and families.

Psycho-Oncology: Mental health support during cancer is considered a critical part of recovery. The Onco-Psychology department has Dr. Raghu K (MD from NIMHANS) and Mrs. Sumalatha Vasudev (PG Diploma in Rehabilitation) to care for emotional and psychological needs of cancer patients.

Onco-Nutrition: Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics is headed by Mrs. Karthigai Selvi (MSc, M Phil, PhD) for nutritional guidance to cancer patients

Onco-Rehabilitation: Treatment after-care often needs professional rehabilitation support. Onco Rehabilitation is headed by Mr. Babu J (MPT, MIAP, HCPC (UK), PEI (CSULA, USA) )

Patient Navigators: Administrative support for cancer patients is coordinated by on-floor patient care coordinators. They help patients with any queries – clinical or non-clinical while at the hospital.

Patient Support: Battling breast cancer can be a very emotional journey. The hospital provides a breast cancer support group called STHREE, to support patients through interactions with cancer survivors treated at the hospital. Globally, patient support groups have been proven to be effective in helping cancer patients go through their treatment and recovery.