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By DCode Care Team | December 14th 2021

Best cancer hospital in Bangalore treating rare and complex cancers

Cancer is a disease that spreads with the help of cells of the human body and destroys the body itself. The disease becomes even more challenging when the cancer type is rare or complex.

What is rare cancer?

As defined by the National Cancer Institute, cancer that occurs in fewer than 15 out of 100,000 people each year falls under the category of rare cancer. Cancer types that are difficult to prevent, diagnose, and treat than the more common cancers are rare cancers.

An example of rare cancer is blood disorders which lead to a rare form of cancer.

What is complex cancer?

Complex cancer as the name suggests is challenging to treat. Reasons for treatment challenges could be manifold. Some common cases are

  • Tumour is located in an area which is difficult to reach
  • It is in a vital organ and is difficult to access during surgery
  • Patient has other comorbidities such as kidney disease, sugar, old age, etc.

The cost of treatment of complex cancer is significantly higher than simple cancers

which are at an early stage in a non-vital organ and accessible organ of the body. Complex cancer could be gastrointestinal, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, lung, brain and blood cancers.

Treatment of rare forms of cancer requires expertise from different specialists who have experience and expertise in treating these rare cases.

Specialists with experience in large, high volume cancer centres are the only ones who generally are able to handle rare forms of cancer treatment.

You may also need several kinds of therapies for cancer treatment like hormone therapy, immunotherapy, photodynamic therapy, radiation therapy, stem cell transplant and sensitive surgeries.

All of these treatments and the specialist teams are available in comprehensive cancer centres.

Comprehensive cancer centres provide extensive cancer treatment and care, access to blood banks, well equipped ICUs, and employ onco-nurses who are trained to handle rare and complex cases.

You need to go to a high-volume cancer center, which treats thousands of cases a month.

Our team has also put together a list of the best cancer hospitals in Bangalore which ensure the best treatment for rare and complex cancers.

1. HCG:

HCG Bangalore hospital provides access to advanced technologies like

  • TomoTherapy-H which is used for 3D radiation therapy. This enables targeting difficult cancers easy using radiation
  • Da Vinci and CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery for precision based surgery

They also conduct regular tumour board meetings so that the patient benefits from the input from each of the cancer specialists.

2. Manipal Cancer hospital:

Manipal cancer center, Old Airport road is one of the best cancer hospitals in Bangalore.

  • Equipped to treat early and advanced stage cancer
  • Has a multi-disciplinary team of senior oncologists (surgical, medical, and radiation oncology) who work as a team
  • Offers Robotic surgery, believed to provide faster recovery for patients
  • Also one of the only two hospitals that offer Tomo Therapy in Bangalore
  • Handles highest volume of cancer cases among private hospitals in Bangalore

3. Cytecare:

Cytecare hospital's multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment makes it one of the best cancer hospitals in Bangalore.

  • Has a multi-diciplinary team of oncologists (surgical, medical & radiation onco)
  • Experienced super-specialist surgeons with dedicated focus on cancer surgery & reconstruction. Cytecare has dedicated specialists - uro-oncologists, breast oncologists, gastrointestinal oncologists, head and neck oncologists, gynecological oncologist
  • While it is located a bit far from the city, their oncology team is strong with specialists who are trained from Tata Memorial and Kidwai hospitals
While choosing the best hospital in Bangalore for your cancer treatment, look out for therapies and infrastructure of the hospital that might be needed for your cancer type.

Here are some quick tips for you to consider while choosing a hospital for your cancer treatment.

Tip#1: When choosing the hospital for your treatment, research on the type of therapies they offer.

For example, Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) is an advanced therapy for rare blood cancers and is available in very few hospitals or high-end oncology centres. BMT requires high end medical infrastructure hence generally available in large comprehensive centres.

Even large cancer centres like Kidwai Hospital Bangalore or Shankara hospital do not have BMT units hence unable to provide such treatments.

TIP#2: Lookout for Oncologists available in the hospital while considering options for your cancer treatment.

In a nutshell, you need a team to attend to rare and complex cancers. Team required to attend to such cancers: Super specialised hemato-oncologists, precision radiation oncologists, complex reconstruction onco-surgeon, pain and palliative specialists who are trained in pain management.

TIP#3: Opt for robotic surgery if your cancer is in an inaccessible part of the body.

For surgeries in inaccessible parts of the body or to handle complex surgeries in vital organs of the body, robotic surgery is a preferred route. It is not just the onco surgeon who needs to be trained for such surgeries but also hospitals need to be equipped with a robotic machine for surgery. Very few hospitals have the entire setup to perform robotic surgery.

Cancer cannot be fought alone. Information is ever evolving and the treatment varies based on cancer type and stage of cancer. Every patient body reacts differently to treatments making the disease and its treatment even more challenging.
That is why our patient counsellors are always available to talk to any of you over call or WhatsApp at +91 9741259596

We have also used our proprietary analysis to study most cancer hospitals in Bangalore. More detailed information on the best cancer treatment hospitals according to the specific types of cancer can be found on our website via this link.

Ask the right questions before you start your treatment!
How does my age, overall health and other factors affect my treatment outcome?
Which treatment is proven to work the best for my type and stage
of cancer?
What will be the side-effects of my treatment?
How can I manage the side-effects of my treatment?
How much does the treatment cost?
Am I eligible for a medical loan and how can I avail it?
How long will my treatment last?
Will I get cured completely by this treatment?
What are the chances of recurrence of the cancer again?

If your oncologist or hospital staff is unable to help you with any of the questions noted above or if you have more questions in mind about your Cancer treatment, get in touch with our patient counsellors and they will help you with the right answers.

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