Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer
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Types of Colorectal cancers and Stages

Tests for colorectal cancers

Screening Tests: Digital Rectal Exam, Blood test, Colonoscopy
Source: Mechanisms in Medicine
Tracking Cancer with Blood Tests
Source: Cancer Research UK

Additional Videos about Testing

What is a colonoscopy and how do I prepare for it?
Source: You and Colonoscopy
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
Source: American Cancer Society

Colon Cancer Treatments

Colorectal Cancer Surgery - Laparoscopic Procedure
Source: Amerra Medical
Ileostomy Surgery and Stoma Care
Source: Animated IBD Patient
Caring for a Stoma
Source: Macmillan Cancer Support
Colon Resection
Source: Covenant Health
What is Chemotherapy?
Source: Covenant Health
What is cancer radiotherapy?
Source: Cancer Research UK
Radiation Therapy: What to Expect
Source: Accelerated Education Program

Tips To Find a Hospital

What are Clinical Trials
Source: Cancer Research UK