Find the Best Gastric Cancer Hospital in Bangalore

Bangalore has 12 comprehensive cancer hospitals that treat gastric cancer. These hospitals offer all treatment facilities under one roof, but are expensive. Cancers of the gastrointestinal tracts (oesophagus / food pipe, stomach, colo-rectal cancers) are treated by gastro-onco surgeons.

A good cancer hospital needs to have a strong oncology team with an experienced gastro onco-surgeon, a gastroenterologist, a Medical oncologist and a Radiation Oncologist.

Gastric / stomach and oesophageal / foodpipe cancer surgery is more complex than other cancer surgeries. The cancer hospital needs to have a well-equipped operating room with proper ICU backup, ventilators, blood bank and trained nursing staff to handle complexities. Most small hospital operating theatres are not suitable for such surgeries. For gastric cancer treatment, most cases can benefit from minimally invasive surgery or Robotic surgery. This is available in very few hospitals in Bangalore. Advanced gastric cancers often require Radiation Therapy also. Latest models of machines are designed to be safer for patients and minimize harmful radiation to the rest of the body while treating cancer. You may check with our cancer counsellors to know which hospitals are better equipped and have senior oncologists to treat gastro-intestinal cancers.

Bangalore also has 10 affordable care cancer hospitals which offer high quality gastro-intestinal (food pipe, stomach, colo-rectal cancer) treatment. Oncologists from large cancer hospitals consult in these mid-size hospitals and offer treatment here at affordable rates. If you need advanced cancer diagnostics or advanced treatment, you will be referred to a larger partner hospital. However, overall cost of gastric cancer treatment will be 30-40% lower than that in large cancer hospitals.

Refer to the list of best cancer hospitals to learn more. If you need more information, speak to our cancer counsellor to find the right cancer hospital for your case. We recommend cancer hospitals to patients based on their clinical stage and financial condition.

List of Top Ranked Gastric Cancer Hospitals in Bangalore

  • Premium


    Cancer Infrastructure Available

    Fortis Cancer Institute

    Address: Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore
      • Equipped to treat early and advance stage cancer, including Robotic surgery, an advanced procedure proven to reduce recovery time for patients
      • Has a multi-disciplinary team of oncologists (surgical, medical and radiation oncology)
      • Offers advanced infrastructure such as Robotic surgery, an advanced procedure proven to reduce recovery time for patients, and stereotactic radiosurgery, a specialized way to target small cancers e.g. in the brain
    DCode Care Expert Analysis
      • 98% of clinical services recommended by international standards to comprehensively treat cancer are available here
      • 11 of 12 types of specialists required to treat cancer are available
      • Average experience of treating doctors is 15 years (as specialists)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Dcode Care Advantage over other care provider?

DCode Care puts the patients and their caregivers at the centre of the Cancer treatment journey, protecting their interest and empowers them with personalised information about hospital and treatment choices to speed up their decision making. Dcode’s information is generated using proprietary algorithms which give weightage to doctor, equipment and expertise available within any hospital or diagnostic centre, based on cancer type and financial expenses.

How to choose a method of treatment?

The method of your treatment will depend on the type and stage of the cancer and also the overall health of the patient. Most of the early stage cancers of the solid organs are primarily treated with surgery followed by chemotherapy or radiation therapy if necessary while the primary treatment for advanced stage cancers include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy etc. It is always better to take a second opinion before starting your treatment.

Which is the best cancer hospital in Bangalore at an affordable cost?

We have compiled a list of best cancer hospitals at affordable cost. Please select the cancer type to see the list

What factors should you consider while choosing a hospital for cancer treatment in Bangalore?

You can look at following factors: 1. Lookout for hospitals with experts, 2. Find hospitals that treat a high number of cancer cases, 3. Find cashless hospitals for your insurance, 4. Choose quality over distance, 5. Look for care beyond treatment such as - support from other cancer survivors, psychological help for the patient and family, as well as rehabilitation

What is the cost of cancer treatment in Bangalore?

The cost of cancer treatment in Bangalore depends on the type of treatment plan that the patient has to follow. It can include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy etc. Cancer surgeries generally range from 75k - 7lks. Chemotherapies generally range from 10k - 70k per cycle. Radiation therapies start from 75k onwards

Note - We have collaborations with some of the best cancer hospitals in Bangalore and we are working to spread our network to provide the best treatment for cancer in Bangalore. If you are looking for a cancer specialist in Bangalore, just select your cancer type, and we shall find you a specialist of cancer from the best cancer treatment hospitals.