Find the Best Brain Cancer Hospital in Bangalore

Bangalore has 10 comprehensive cancer hospitals that treat brain tumors. These hospitals offer all treatment facilities under one roof.

A good cancer hospital needs to have a strong oncology team with an experienced neurosurgeon, a Medical oncologist and a Radiation Oncologist. The experience of neurosurgeon is the most important while dealing with brain tumors. These surgeries are complex and should be done by well trained experienced specialists.

Many brain tumors cases benefit from Radiation Therapy. Not all hospitals have latest Radiation therapy machines. Latest models of machines are designed to be safer for patients and minimize harmful radiation to the rest of the body while treating cancer. Another important facility for brain tumors treatment is availability of rehabilitation services such as speech therapy. Some hospitals have these facilities available in house, rest may outsource. You may check with our cancer counsellors to know which hospitals are better equipped and have senior oncologists and specialist teams to treat brain tumors.

Refer to the list of best cancer hospitals to learn more. If you need more information, speak to our cancer counsellor to find the right cancer hospital for your case. We recommend cancer hospitals to patients based on their clinical stage and financial condition.

List of Top Ranked Brain Cancer Hospitals in Bangalore

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Which is the best hospital for brain cancer treatment in Bangalore?

    The best hospital in Bangalore for brain tumor are 1. Fortis Cancer Institute, Bannerghatta Road 2. Manipal Cancer Institute, Old Airport Road 3. NIMHANS, Hosur Road

    When should you go to the hospital for brain cancer?

    Brain Cancer is one of the most aggressive type of cancer that tends to spread very quickly. Hence it is always advised to start the treatment as soon as the tumor is diagnosed

    What is the cost for brain cancer treatment in Bangalore?

    The cost of brain cancer treatment in Bangalore depends on the treatment plan for the specific case. The average range of brain tumor surgeries ranges from Rs 2,00,000 onwards. The average range of chemotherapy starts from Rs 15k onwards. The average range of RT range from Rs 1,00,000 onwards.

    Note - We have collaborations with some of the best cancer hospitals in Bangalore and we are working to spread our network to provide the best treatment for cancer in Bangalore. If you are looking for a cancer specialist in Bangalore, just select your cancer type, and we shall find you a specialist of cancer from the best cancer treatment hospitals.