• Dr. Shashidhar V.Karpuramath

    Head of Medical Oncology
    Practices at Vydehi Institute of Oncology
    Doctor Profile Pic
    Has advanced training as super-specialist in cancer

    Medical Oncologist

    Experience : 14 years
    Education: MBBS, M.D (General Medicine), DM (Oncology)
    Trained at Adyar Cancer Institute Chennai
      • Currently heads the medical oncology department at Vydehi Cancer Center
      • While he treats the full range of cancers, his interest lies in Hodgkins Lymphoma, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, Lung and Prostate Cancer, Pediatric solid cancers, bone and soft tissue tumors.
    DCode Care Expert Analysis
      • Trained in Cancer Institute, Chennai, Tamils Nadus largest and oldest cancer hospital, a high-volume cancer center, and now practicing in a busy center with 150 cancer cases a day
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    Pay at Hospital : INR 800