• Dr. Mangesh P Kamath

    Consultant Medical Oncologist, Hemato-oncologist & BMT Physician
    Practices at Fortis Cancer Institute
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    Medical Oncologist

    Experience : 7 years
    Education: MBBS, DM, DNB Medical Oncology , Hemato-oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant
    Trained at Kidwai Cancer Center
      • Currently works as the Medical Oncologist at Fortis Cancer Institute, Bangalore.
      • Medical Oncologists are the ideal starting point for lymphoma, leukemia & all advanced-stage cancers treatment planning.
      • Has experience in Immunotherapy and Personalized/targeted cancer therapy. He has also conducted Bone Marrow Transplantations.
      • His expertise includes treatment for Thoracic cancers, Breast and Gynaec cancers, Hemato Oncology, Pediatric cancers and Bones marrow transplantation.
    DCode Care Expert Analysis
      • Trained at Kidwai, Karnatakas Regional Cancer Centre, a high-volume government centre. Doctors trained in high-volume tertiary centers have exposure to large volume of cancer cases.
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    Pay at Hospital : INR 850