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As each cancer is different, so are the types of doctors needed to treat it. Let us help you find the best cancer treatment for your type and stage. Compare cancer specialists treatment success rates, oncologist experience and costs. Select the cancer type to search.

List of Top Oncologists in Bangalore,delhi

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Which type of doctor specializes in cancer?

    The doctor who specializes in cancer is called an oncologist. Those who specialize in cancer surgeries are called surgical oncologists. Those who specialize in therapies like chemo therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy etc are called medical oncologists. Those who specialize in different types of radiation therapies are called radiation oncologists

    Do oncologists do surgery?

    Yes, oncologists who are specialized in cancer surgeries are called surgical oncologists. There are oncosurgeons with super specialization in breast, head and neck, uro onco cases etc.

    What is easiest way to consult a cancer doctor?

    If you are confused about which cancer specialist to consult and how to consult the right specialist for your cancercase reach out to Dcodecare at +91 9741259596

    What state has the best cancer doctors?

    In India Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai have the most experienced oncologists or cancer doctors and cancer hospitals for the treatment.

    How much an Oncologist charge?

    The consultation fee charged by an oncologist depend on the qualifications, experience of the doctor as well as the hospital infrastructure. Average consulation fee charged by an oncologist rage from Rs 500 - Rs 5000.

    Note - We have identified some of the best cancer doctors in Bangalore,delhi based on cancer types. Just choose the cancer type, and access a list of cancer oncologist or doctors that treat cancer with complete details of their experience and expertise. We also help you get in touch with the best onco surgeons for second opinions. Our endeavour is to provide you with the best specialist of cancer that understands your cancer type and staging, yet fits your budget.