What to Know About CRT for Lung Cancer?

By DCode Care Team | May 25th 2022

What to Know About CRT for Lung Cancer?

What to Know About CRT for Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is a very deadly disease that can affect anyone’s body badly. If someone is diagnosed with this condition, it is possible to feel shocking. Although there are many treatments that these patients can go for, the one that gained lots of popularity is CRT also known as chemoradiation therapy. It is slightly different from the traditional chemo treatment about which there is lots of curiosity on the internet.

Our team has dedicated this complete post to this treatment with a motive to ensure for educating the community. Let’s review this article regarding CRT for lung cancer to boost your knowledge!

What exactly is CRT for Lung Cancer?

CRT is the mixture of radiation and chemotherapy for treating stage III non-small cell lung cancer. There are instances when the tumors can’t be removed using either one of these treatments. The physicians use curative intent by using CRT to cure cancer instead of delaying its advancement.

As we all know, radiation and chemotherapy use different techniques for treating cancer. Using the combination turns out to be extremely useful for treating stage III cancers in a handy number of cases. There are two types of CRT for lung cancer that we have written below in detail:

  • sCRT

Fully abbreviated as sequential CRT, it is a technique where the patient gets chemotherapy and radiation therapy one by one. It means the patient has to go through both, one after another.

It is a time-consuming treatment compared with the other type of this treatment.

  • cCRT

If the patient gets chemotherapy and radiation therapy simultaneously for treating lung cancer, the cCRT technique is used for treatment. It is considered much better than sCRT in many different studies.

According to renowned physician Dr. Villaflor, combining radiation with chemotherapy was very useful in most clinical research.

How much time is needed for receiving chemotherapy and radiation?

The standard treatment time varies from one individual to another and greatly depends on how their body reacts to the treatment. Let us tell you about the time process in detail below:


During CRT, the chemo is used as an infusion into the bloodstream by either mouth or injection. Many times, patients have to take pills and capsules to perform this treatment. As we all know, this therapy work by destroying the cancer cells to stop the formation and spreading of new tumor cells.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy doesn’t work like chemotherapy which also affects the healthy cells in the body. It identifies the cancer cells and destroys them. However, it needs to acknowledge that the healthy cells that came in the radiation beam path can also get damaged during the radiation therapy.

What are the side effects of CRT treatment?

The side effects caused by CRT treatment depend on the chemotherapy amount, treatment length & type, patient’s body, and plenty of other measures. However, there are a few common side effects of CRT that we want to mention below:

  • Patients often feel inflammation in the esophagus tissue, resulting in extreme pain after getting swallowed.
  • Another condition that they have to face is pneumonitis which causes lung inflammation. It generally occurs due to allergy, infection, diseases, and other similar conditions.
  • The chances of risks increases in patients after this treatment.
  • Few patients feel weight loss and appetite loss
  • Skin irritation is a very condition faced by people after CRT treatment.
  • Hair loss
  • Fever is a very common side effect in such patients

We have only listed the major side effects that individual feels in their body after CRT treatment. However, recent technological advancement has helped patients cope with side effects easily. Most of them are very predictable that helped the patients to control side effects comfortably.

Who should go for CRT?

Regarding present-day standards, cCRT is used mostly for stage 3 NSCLC patients. The reason behind that the cancer of these patients can’t be removed using traditional surgery. You must understand that only doctors can determine which patient can receive this treatment after diagnosing the treatment.

There is a need for comprehensive inputs for accurate diagnosis with the help of a multidisciplinary care team. They also consist of medical and radiation oncologists, pathologists, and thoracic surgeons. So, evaluating which patients are suitable for this therapy is impossible.

Why are CRT treatments different from other cancer treatments?

Doctors usually use cCRT as the first-line treatment for tackling stage III cancers. It lets the patients treat this disease using curative intent. The ideal approach is needed according to tumor type and stage. Patients and their team members do it.

Many patients can go for other treatments after CRT to treat non-small cell lung cancer. It is essential to talk with doctors before making any decision.

CRT for Lung Cancer- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should be avoided during radiation treatment?

It is strongly suggested to avoid raw fruits and dry foods before having the radiation treatment. The nutrient-based oral care team proposes a proper plan for ensuring that patients have the best treatment.

Q. Is CRT treatment painful?

Although no harm or burning is caused during the therapies, patients might hear buzzing or clicking sounds. There is a chance of smell that comes from the machine. The patients are normally suggested to have five therapies per week for ideal results.

Q. Do CRT treatment make the person feel tired?

Yes, these therapies can increase the fatigue level and suck up energy for performing daily activities. In fact, it is considered a major side effect caused by radiation therapy on the body.

Q. What should be expected after having the first radiation treatment?

Few changes in the skin can be expected once someone starts taking radiation therapy. After months of this treatment, the patients may feel few other side effects related to mouth and hair.

Q. What kind of clothes should you wear during CRT?

The experts suggest patients wear soft and loose cotton clothing on the area that will be treated. It is suggested not to wear stiffed clothes in that location. Have a talk with your doctor regarding the clothing before beginning the treatment.

Q. Which foods taste good after radiation therapy?

It mainly depends on the individual’s reaction to the body, but marinating chicken and fish are ideal food options. In fact, any high-protein food is a good option to take after therapy.


In the past few years, the CRT for lung cancer has gained lots of attention as physicians suggest it for stage III treatments. It uses a perfect combination of two excellent therapies for removing tumor from the body. Furthermore, this treatment has very few side effects compared with other options in the medical world.

We believe you have received all the important information regarding CRT treatment. If you have any queries about this treatment, please write about them in the comment section.