Ways to Cancer Proof Your Life

By DCode Care Team | June 2nd 2022

Ways to Cancer Proof Your Life

Ways to Cancer Proof Your Life

Are you concerned about the increasing cases of cancers nowadays and want to take appropriate measures to prevent them? There are tons of things that someone can do to keep this disease away as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are a young businessman or a retired individual; cancer can hit anyone.

Although it is true cancer is mostly found in the bodies of the old population, the number of youngsters who start getting affected is steadily increasing. We are pretty happy to see you are serious about your health and want to take appropriate measures to prevent this issue. We have created a completely dedicated post to information regarding ways to cancer-proof your life. Let’s go through the post and understand what it takes to enjoy a healthy life.

1. Maintaining Weight

The best way to keep cancer away is by maintaining the weight of your body. As per recent research, more than 20% of total cancer deaths are caused due to obesity. The stats are even more fatal if we talk about the females alone. It is strongly suggested they should keep their body weight within the specified limit.

Additionally, women can boost their hormone system by shedding extra pounds. It also protects against cancers related to ovarian, breast, and endometrial. Maintaining a healthy weight is useful in boosting insulin sensitivity and improving metabolism. It is strongly recommended to keep the BMI below 25 to create a shield against cancer.

2. Daily Sweating

We believe there are very few who know sweating at least half an hour daily can prevent cancer. The levels of androgens and estrogen get modulated by regular physical activity that assists in keeping certain types of cancers away. It means moderate exercise can reduce the cancer risk by nearly 30%.

The males can eliminate the risk of colon cancer by having a regular workout. The thing we want to say is staying active can give tons of relief to the body’s battle against cancer. Everyone should either run or work out for at least 30 minutes to eliminate cancer risk.

3. Ditching Smoking

Many people believe they look extremely cool while smoking in public. However, it can be a disaster for their health in the long run. People who smoke are prone to have a variety of cancers. It ranges from breast cancer to liver cancer and even cervical cancer.

A very good thing we want to tell is that the lungs of a heavy smoker can reach pre-smoking levels in less than 15 years of quitting smoking. If you smoke even a single cigarette daily, it’s time to ditch for a healthy life. Additionally, try to remain away from the smoking area as even second-hand smoking can increase cancer chances by nearly 40%.

4. Calcium Intake

Having regular calcium is very useful for protecting the colon area. There are tons of studies that have proved this nutrient is very helpful in battling cancer development. It means you should try to drink at least 8 ounces of fat-free milk in a week to give a supply of calcium to your body.

That’s not all; calcium is useful even for cancer patients as it causes the cancer cells to differentiate. They are considered useful for eliminating the risks of cancers related to colorectal and breast. It is also helpful in maintaining blood pressure adequately.

5. Protection against harmful UV sun rays

Skin cancer is one of the most common diseases that affect a great number of the population globally. However, it can be easily prevented by following a few easier measures we want to tell the visitors in this post. Try to avoid getting out between 10 am & 5 pm if possible to get protection against sunlight.

It is also suggested to cover exposed areas on the skin to protect against ultraviolet radiation. You can also use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to give required protection against the sun rays. Also, try to avoid using tanning beds and sunlamps to stay away from harmful radiation.

6. Eating Whole Grain Foods

Adding whole-grain foods to your diet is an excellent way to protect against cancer. Many people believe in having them mostly at lunch, but there is a need to think beyond that. You can choose a variety of foods that ranges from barley to brown rice and oatmeal. Additionally, pasta can be a good choice for adding antioxidants to your body.

A high-fibre diet only does not assist in giving important compounds, but they are also useful in maintaining a healthy weight. There is tons of evidence about how they greatly decrease colorectal cancer risk to a greater level.

7. Controlling Alcohol Intake

While there is nothing harmful in having a couple of drinks, drinking beyond that can be bad for your health. People who don’t drink frequently have a much lower chance of cancer than regular drinkers.

Alcohol causes significant damage to the natural metabolizing process that can increase the cancer risk. Besides that, there are a plethora of studies that prove the body's power to absorb important vitamins get blocked by alcohol. It means things will be useful for those who plan to cut down alcohol intake.

8. Regular Testing

Not having proper testing is one of the most common mistakes that most people make nowadays. We never realize what kind of importance they hold in our life. Performing regular screening and examination is very useful for diagnosing tons of cancers related to skin, breast, and colon.

Early detection of cancer is extremely helpful in making the treatment successful. We strongly recommend everybody to go for quality cancer screening testing for better results.

9. Avoiding Unnecessary Exposure to Industrial Chemicals

We believe there is no need to tell how many industrial chemicals have harmed society in the past century. Although it is good that development is performed at a great rate, it is certainly negatively affecting people's health. We strongly recommend that anyone avoid toxins like aromatic amines, asbestos fibres, etc.

Although most people don’t get exposed to these chemicals, there is still a significant community who work in industrial plants. It affects their health badly as the arrangements for workers aren’t up to work in most countries. If you are working in such environments, it is strongly recommended to take the necessary measures for better health.

10. Adequate Sleep

People have often compromised their sleep due to extended business or job pressure. However, it hurts things that need to be avoided in the long run. Having poor and inadequate sleep can make the body gain weight significantly

However, it is quite easy to avoid this situation by simply getting enough sleep for your body. The chances of having cancer greatly increase when someone sleeps for less than the recommended time.


Having a healthy body is very helpful for dealing with tons of diseases. We have mentioned the top ten ways to cancer-proof your life that should be employed in normal life. Our team understand it isn’t an easier process, but it can be very useful in the longer run. We strongly suggest everyone follow the guidelines for having a cancer-free life.

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