Understand all types of cancer treatments available

By DCode Care Team | December 30th 2021

Understand all types of cancer treatments available - DCode Care

The revolution of medical science has resulted in the invention of multiple cancer procedures for better treatment of patients. Although it greatly varies on the type of cancer and its stage, still the new breakthroughs have increased the survival rate for sure. Selecting the right treatment is very critical and consulting with your doctor properly is the ideal thing to do. However, there is no harm in getting adequate knowledge about different medical processes.

In addition to tons of available treatments, there are lots of more that are being studied and might be available for patients in the next few years. The right approach fully depends on the cancer type and how advanced it is. Today, we will discuss the different types of cancer treatments available nowadays in detail.

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1. Chemotherapy

A very popular treatment also known as chemo is generally a drug treatment where the fast growing cells are destroyed with the help of strong chemicals. It is one of the most frequently used procedures for many different forms of cancer. This treatment is capable of targeting the complete body which isn’t the case with other options available out there.
What does chemotherapy actually do for cancer patients?

  • Curing Cancer
    There are lots of cases where chemo completely destroys the cancer cells to ensure they are no longer found in the body. It even doesn’t grow back in the future after taking this treatment.
  • Minimizing Symptoms
    There are many times when chemo can’t control or cure the cancer in the body. It is used for shrinking the tumor for easing pain in these instances.
  • Controlling Cancer
    This cancer treatment only works for stopping the tumor from spreading to other areas of the body. It also helps to minimize the cancer’s growth in many cases.
    Is it used in combination with other treatments?
    Yes, the doctors sometimes use chemo in combination with the following procedures:
    · Biological therapy
    In this treatment, biological therapies are obtained from living bacteria for improving the immunity with chemotherapy that kills the cancerous cells in the body.
    · Radiation Therapy
    Here, the physicians use radioactive ingredients that are received from a special machine for killing the cancer cells.
    · Surgery
    The cancerous tumors or organs are removed by doctors using surgery after destroying the cancer cells.
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    2. Interventional Radiology
    It is one of the most advanced types of cancer treatments that involve medical imaging for diagnosing and treating tumors. The doctors use minimally invasive techniques to minimize the side effects to the body. It only not causes less discomfort, but also boosts up the recovery time for the patient.
    What interventional radiology actually does for cancer patients?
    · Eliminating Tumors

  • This treatment is greatly used either for eliminating tumors or minimizing their size with the help of radioactive particles and heat. The doctors perform the complete process with minimal discomfort to other parts of the body.

    · Embolization
    During interventional radiology cancer treatment, the blood flow to tumor cells is blocked to stop its spread to other organs.
    · Minimizing Nerve Pain
    Another thing this procedure can perform for patients is easing the nerve pain that strongly hurts them. It is also one of the main reasons doctors recommend this treatment.
    How does interventional radiology differ from cancer treatments?
    When compared with traditional treatments, it is definitely cost effective and possesses fewer side effects on the body. The patients don’t even have to get admitted to the healthcare center in many cases. Other notable differences of interventional radiology from other treatments are mentioned below:
    · Small Incisions
    This procedure performs minor incisions with the help of needles and catheters for treating the different cancerous conditions in the body.
    · Preventing Bleeding
    If not used for eliminating tumors completely, this treatment is also used for preventing bleeding during the surgery.
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    3. Bone Marrow Transplantation
    Also known as stem cell transplant, it is an expensive treatment that is used for treating a variety of cancers. This special cancer treatment works for diseases like aplastic anemia, lymphomas, leukemia, and many other immune deficiency disorders.
    What bone marrow transplantation does for patients?
    There are number of ways bone marrow transplantation can be used in many different manners, as mentioned below:
    · Replacing Bone Marrow
    Its main purpose is replacing the non-functioning bone marrow having conditions like leukemia and cell anemia with a fully functional bone marrow.
    · Regeneration of New Immune System
    A bone marrow is an incredible cancer treatment for regenerating a new immune system in the body for tackling the present or frequent leukemia. It also helps to deal with cancers that can’t be killed by chemo.
    · Restoring Normal Functioning
    This treatment is used by doctors for replacing bone marrow and restoring its functioning that gets affected due to multiple sessions of chemo.
    Why bone marrow transplantations are expensive than other cancer treatments?
    There is no denying that bone marrow is highly costly if we compare them with other forms of cancer treatments. However, there are lots of pre and post operative care steps involved during the entire procedures that increase the expenses. Let’s look at the major cost involved in the bone marrow transplantation below:
    · Stem Cells Collection & Freezing
    There are lots of costs involved in the stem cells collection and freezing during this process. It also consists of stability and viability expenses that further increase the cost.
    · Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
    The bone marrow is cleared before transplantation using chemotherapy and radiotherapy whose cost is quite high.

    · Post Operation Care
    The patient who receives bone marrow needs to be kept in a sealed room for several weeks to get protected against harmful orgasms. It even costs four times more than running an ICU in most of the cases.
    There are many other expenses involved in the bone marrow transplantation. That’s why, it is costly than the most types of cancer treatments available out there.
    4. Hormone Therapy
    Hormone therapy adjusts the hormone production to stop the tumor from spreading in the body. It is considered very helpful to minimize the growth of many cancers, including prostate and breast. Apart from that, this cancer treatment is also used for relieving the cancer symptoms. It helps the body to stop making particular hormones and getting attached to cancer cells.
    What does hormone therapy do for patients?
    We need to understand that the growth of cancer greatly depends on the hormone. It offers the following advantages to patients:
    · Lowering Hormones Amount
    Using certain medicines for lowering quantity of hormones either to completely stop or lowering down the tumor’s growth in the body.
    · Stopping Cancer Making Hormones
    It stops the hormones that make cancer cells, but it doesn't work for all kinds of cancers.
    · Easing Cancer Symptoms
    It prevents cancer symptoms from showing up in patients who can’t go for other treatments.
    How is hormone therapy different from other types of cancer treatments?
    As we have already stated, it mainly works for patients with breast and prostate cancers. Many patients can’t bear the chemo and other cancer treatments due to obvious side effects. However, hormone therapy is given in the below-mentioned form:
    · Pills
    It can be given orally by using pills that the patients need to swallow regularly for a frequent period.
    · Surgery
    It is one of the few types of cancer treatments where the organs that produce hormones are removed from the body. For example, testicles are removed in men with prostate cancer, whereas ovaries are removed in the case of women.
    · Injections
    Also, there are strong injections given to the body for stopping it from producing hormones that cancer cells use for growing up.


Although there are many other types of cancer treatments in medical science, these are the ones that are most commonly used nowadays. It is important to have the right guidance if someone gets diagnosed with cancer, so choose your physicians wisely. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy!


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