Exercise During Cancer Treatment

By DCode Care Team | March 12th 2022

Exercise During Cancer Treatment

Exercise During Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a very tough condition that demands lots of emotional and physical endurance. Although physicians suggest limiting tiresome activities that cause pain or other similar issues while receiving treatment, it doesn’t mean one can’t have exercise. There are tons of researches that have proved how helpful exercise can be while coping with this disease. We believe everyone knows how the body reacts by having too much rest, irrespective of physical condition.

It won’t only lose muscles, but its functioning also starts to affect. So performing the right exercise during cancer treatment will ensure the quality of life and better overall feeling. In this post, we will talk about how important are physical exercises to recover from cancer. Stick with us until the end and know some valuable information.

What types of exercises should cancer patients perform?

The schedule should include a variety of exercises for boosting health during and after cancer treatment. If someone keeps performing a single activity, it won’t be useful for the complete body. Let’s have a look at the set of exercises to include in the workout program below:

Stretching Exercises

Stretching your body can give a great boost to flexibility and posture improvement. The flow of blood and oxygen becomes better, making the muscles strong and assisting in repairing the body quickly. It means stretching offers great use to the inactive body while receiving cancer treatment.

A common example of how a patient becomes inactive while dealing with this disease is radiation therapy, where the body’s range of motion gets affected, which causes stiffness in the muscles. However, regular stretching can help muscles to achieve strength again.

Aerobic Exercise

It is commonly known as cardio in the fitness world and performed by almost every individual who workout regularly. Aerobic exercises are very helpful for increasing the heart rate by giving strength to both the heart and lungs.

An ideal form of aerobic exercise is walking, which every doctor recommends. It is ideal for walking for 40 to 50 minutes at least four times a week. In fact, aerobic exercises are useful even for healthy people without any diseases.

Strength Training

A combination of strength training and cardio is considered very healthy for the human body. It is possible that the body feels weak and becomes less active while receiving cancer treatment or getting recovery. Additionally, there are many other treatments that cause weakness in the muscles.

Adding strength training to an exercise schedule will assist in adding muscle mass to the body. It will help the body improve balance and minimize fatigue to a greater level. Cancer treatments also cause osteoporosis that weakens the bones in the body. However, strength training will also assist in tackling this problem adequately.

Breathing Exercises

Feeling shortness of breath is pretty common when someone deals with cancer. It makes things difficult for the patients to have a normal workout. However, they can opt for breathing exercises to improve their endurance and eliminate anxiety to a greater level. These two main factors are very helpful for physically improving a person's activity.

Some top examples of breathing exercises are abdominal breathing, controlled breathing, Lion’s Breath, Pursed Lip Breathing, Alternate Nostril Breathing, and Sitali Breath among others. They are free to opt for any of these options for performing breathing exercise workouts.

Balance Exercises

There is no way a cancer patient should forget to perform balance exercises as they are extremely important for them. Balancing the body becomes very difficult once someone receives cancer treatment. They are created to boost stability, ensuring injuries and falls can be prevented.

It can be standing on a single foot for 20 seconds or walking in a line for a certain distance. Another very popular exercise during cancer treatment is standing up and sitting down from a chair without hands.

What are major tips to exercise for cancer patients?

It is pretty much possible you might get a little bit anxious after receiving cancer treatment. Performing exercise can be greatly beneficial for minimizing the recurrence of cancer. Additionally, it can be used for elevating mood and eliminating anxiety convincingly. Have a look at the major tips to exercise for cancer treatments in detail below:

Consulting Doctor

Never start following any exercise routine just by checking the internet as it is important to consult with your physician. If the team approves this schedule, you are pretty good to go for it.

Staying Patient

A common mistake most people make is hurrying up things after their cancer treatment finishes. We understand they get very anxious about reaching their previous fitness level. However, it is essential to keep things slow and stay patient with yourself.

Evaluating Side Effects

There are lots of cancer treatments that limit activity, including fatigue and weakness. If such a patient exercises with a hectic schedule, it can cause an extreme level of fatigue. They should start indulging in physical activities after recovering a little bit.

Drinking Enough Water

It is pretty much possible your body won’t ask for enough water after going through the treatment. However, it is your duty to drink at least 8 cups of water for increasing intensity adequately. Performing it will be helpful to feel less tired during the workout for sure.

Having Nutritious Diet

There is a great value of putting the right food in your stomach, especially when dealing with cancer. Go for a diet that is rich in protein as it will be helpful in recovering from muscle wear after a workout. You can consult with an oncologist to develop a nutritious diet plan.

What are the benefits of exercise during cancer treatment?

We believe there is no need to mention what kind of benefits exercising brings to the human body, especially when someone is a cancer patient. There are tremendous advantages that cancer survivors can give to their bodies. Have a look at the major benefits of exercise during cancer treatment in detail below:

  • It helps in improving the fitness level by making the body stronger and increasing muscle mass.
  • Exercise elevates the mood of a cancer patient who might get depressed after going through multiple sessions of chemo or other similar treatment.
  • It boosts the self-confidence of the cancer survivors and lets them feel positive about their daily work.
  • Exercise is useful for minimizing fatigue and letting it feel energized in a matter of weeks.
  • Many studies proved how exercising reduces the chances of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in a cancer patient.


Surviving cancer is a major accomplishment as the patient successfully goes through the battle against this deadly disease. Performing exercise during cancer treatment won’t only let you regain fitness but also stop cancer from keep coming back. It is the best way to keep your body in a healthy position.
It is essential to begin slowly and reach your peak as much as possible. Choose an activity that interests you the most for exceptional recovery. It will be easier for your body to adapt the exercise schedule.
If you have any query about exercising during cancer or any other related thing, please write about it in the comment section.