Cancer causing foods to avoid

By DCode Care Team | March 21st 2022

Cancer causing foods to avoid

Cancer causing foods to avoid

The body is the most important asset of everyone’s life that should be kept with cares. However, most people don’t care much about it and doesn’t about their diet. They run for the money and often forget what real wealth is. Your diet is the fuel of the body through which it receives the energy to perform the daily task. If we add bad food to our eating schedule, there is a chance that our body develops certain types of tumor over a certain amount of time. Things you put on your plate have a huge impact on our health. There are lots of cancer-causing foods that should be eliminated or eaten in a conservative amount.

The majority of individuals doesn’t even know what they are and often eat them on a daily basis. It is good to know that you are interested in knowing about these harmful foods as we have received numerous requests regarding them. Have a look at top cancer causing foods to avoid as much as possible in your diet. Go through the list carefully and revamp your diet now!

1. Processed Meat

Processed meat is one of the most harmful foods that can create cancer in the body. We all know that all variants of this food are preserved using salting, canning, smoking, or curing. A few examples of processed meat are sausage, beef jerky, sausage, and salami which should be avoided in the diet at any cost. According to recent studies, eating processed meat regularly can increase cancer risk by nearly 20%.

Additionally, there are few researchers who have associated it with stomach cancer. These foods come with preservatives like nitrites and nitrates that are linked straightly with cancer. Also, they come with a high amount of sodium that is known for causing cancer. So, it is strongly suggested to avoid processed meat in your diet as much as possible.

2. Sugar Sweetened Beverages

The next thing everyone should eliminate from their diet is sugary drinks that often result in weight gain. If someone takes soda and artificial fruit juice frequently, they boost the chances of various cancer types. There are lots of calories in these drinks that shouldn’t be consumed in a higher quantity. It becomes very harder for the body to maintain the energy balance with tons of calories in the diet.

They are considered one of the leading reasons for cancer in the United States. It is strongly suggested by physicians to limit sweet beverages as much as possible to minimize the chances of cancer.

3. Alcohol

We have heard multiple times that moderate consumption of alcohol reduces the chance of heart disease, but including it in excess is surely bad for our health. After tobacco, it is the major reason for cancer across the globe. This is because the body produces acetaldehyde once the body metabolizes alcohol. For those who don’t know, it is the chemical compound that affects the DNA to cause cancer.

The significant types of diseases caused by alcohol are esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer, and neck cancer. Therefore, everyone should limit their alcohol consumption as much as possible to live a healthy life.

4. Overcooked Foods

There are carcinogens caused by foods when they are overcooked at a high temperature. It is often the case with meats that are often overcooked and increase the chances of cancer by affecting the DNA cells. The major methods of cooking that should be avoided are grilling, pan-frying, and barbecuing as it involves high temperatures.

On top of that, the formation of acrylamide is also boosted by overcooking starchy things like potatoes. So instead, you should choose healthier cooking methods, like baking, pressure cooking, poaching, and slow cooking.

5. Refined Foods

We are pretty assured most of us haven't heard about it, but things like refined sugar and flour can increase the chance of developing cancerous cells. There are tons of studies that prove how highly processed sugar and carbs lead to oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. It can directly lead to various cancer variants, ranging from breast to ovarian and uterine.

If someone still wishes to eat refined products, they should go for healthy swaps and fulfill their craving. Studies also suggest replacing refined foods with whole grain foods for better health.

6. Farmed Salmon

A great number of people believe that eating farmed salmon is very healthy for the body. However, many studies have proved it actually increases the chances of cancer in the body. There are carcinogenic chemicals in the farmed salmon that expose the body to certain types of cancer.

That’s why it is strongly recommended not to eat salmon more than once in a single month. Despite having an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, there are certain cancers causing chemicals that suggest limiting the farmed salmon intake.

7. Red Dye 40

The next food we want readers to avoid is Red Dye 40 often used as a food dye in most cases. It is a controversial product that linked with mental disorders and allergies in people of all ages, especially children. A few common products that include Red Dye 40 are flavored yogurt, energy drinks, popsicles, and pastries among others.

It is a synthetic food dye made using petroleum directly associated with cancer. We want to convey here that avoiding such cancer causing foods is very important in children.

8. Microwave Popcorn

There is no evidence about popcorn directly causing cancer in the body, but it is the chemical by the name of perfluorinated compounds that are often used in the popcorn bags. Also known as PFCs, they are also used in various things like sandwich wrappers, pizza boxes, and Teflon pans.

This chemical enters the popcorn when they are heated in the microwave. It enters the bloodstream of individuals who often eat microwave popcorns and stay there for lots of time. It can cause cancer and lots of other diseases in the body.

9. Canned Tomatoes

We are sure you might have heard already that tomatoes minimize the chances of cancer, but things get completely ruined when we talk about the canned versions. There are many chemicals in canned tomatoes that can affect the body’s hormonal system.

They can lead to various types of cancer and reproductive issues. If someone continuously adds canned tomatoes to their diet, they are definitely at risk of cancer for sure.

10. Potato Chips

We know everyone almost loves to eat potato chips while watching a movie or even when they wish for a quick snack. There are excessive sodium levels in this quick meal that can increase high blood pressure.

It is strongly recommended that potato chips be avoided as much as possible in the diet. Instead, one can think about adding baked apple chips and air-popped popcorn to satisfy their cravings.


Although cancer is caused by tons of other factors, the list of cancer causing foods to avoid should be taken seriously. We can’t change things like family history and genetic makeup, but diet can be made cleaner by adding healthy foods to the body. If you have any queries about anything mentioned in this post, please write about it in the comment section.