Best Breast Cancer Hospitals in Bangalore - 2021

By DCode Care Team | November 11th 2021

Best Breast Cancer Hospitals in Bangalore - 2021 | DCode Care

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, across the world. Cancer brings a number of uncertainties in terms of treatment, disease progression, recovery time period, and even relapses. Tests, medications, surgery, rehabilitation, all of it leads up to a very costly treatment journey for patients and their families, along with a shortage of time throughout the process.

It is important to try and not feel overwhelmed by the decisions, and emotions when going ahead with the diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. The quality of treatment, cost, the expertise of the surgeon, and logistics, are all important and stressful areas to look into.

It’s also important to think about which treatment option to opt for, in terms of the goal of each treatment type and the side effects. You need to understand the type of treatment and the hospitals which are equipped to handle your cancer type.

Hence, before we talk about the Bangalore cancer hospital list that offers comprehensive care for breast cancer patients, here are a few pointers that are necessary and extremely helpful for you to know:

  • Lookout for hospitals with experts: Hospitals that offer a multi-disciplinary approach to breast cancer treatment can provide inputs from many cancer experts. Several hospitals have a dedicated breast-oncologist who only specialise in breast cancer treatment. These oncologists have advanced fellowships which train them extensively on treating breast cancer using the latest techniques. If you need to find breast oncologists, you can contact our patient counsellors who will understand your case and guide you to the most experienced breast oncologists. Proper breast cancer treatment needs many specialists including surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, oncology nurses and other supporting staff.
  • Find hospitals that treat a high number of breast cancer cases: Hospitals which cater to high volumes of cancer patients are generally equipped with multiple specialists for handling breast cancer. Such hospitals may have better expertise i.e. cancer doctors and specialized medical infrastructure required for effective treatment. To find cancer hospitals in Bangalore that are treating the highest number of breast cancer cases, contact our patient counselors. They maintain this information and will guide you to the right option.
  • Find cashless hospitals for your insurance: Treatment for breast cancer tends to be expensive, but most hospitals accept insurance. We can guide you to understand which hospitals will let you avail cashless treatment. Our experts will help you decide which cancer hospitals in Bangalore will provide maximum cashless facilities for your breast cancer treatment.
  • Choose quality over distance: A specialised hospital might be far from your location but quality of treatment should come first. Once you speak to one of our counsellors, they will find the right hospital nearest to your location. And you can always opt for post-surgery care at a nearby hospital.
  • Look for care beyond treatment: Many specialised hospitals offer care beyond breast cancer treatment. This can include support from other breast cancer survivors, psychological help for the patient and family, as well as rehabilitation.

Bangalore cancer hospital list

Bangalore offers many options when it comes to hospitals specialising in the treatment of breast cancer. Our team has compiled a Bangalore cancer hospital list that contains details of cancer hospitals specialising in breast cancer. This list has been divided into two categories,

  • With details of large hospitals providing comprehensive cancer treatment, and
  • With details of hospitals that provide more affordable and economical cancer treatment.
Comparing comprehensive and affordable hospitals

Comprehensive cancer hospitals

These hospitals have facilities that provide all the advanced facilities required for properly treating breast cancer. These are private establishments that are well-known throughout the country for their comprehensive cancer care.

1. HCG Cancer Centre, Kalinga Rao Road, Bangalore

HCG Cancer Hospital
  • HCG Hospital Bangalore has a multi-disciplinary team of oncologists specialising in surgical, medical and radiation oncology. Dr. Kritika Murugan is a breast surgeon, trained from the UK and focuses dedicatedly on breast cancer. Dr. Shekar Patil is the senior medical oncologist in this team. He is regarded as the senior-most medical oncologist in Bangalore. Jointly, the surgery and medical oncology teams treat breast cancer using the latest technology. For Radiation Therapy, HCG has two high-end machines, one in Corporation circle and one near Sanjay Nagar.
  • This hospital has a large team of cancer specialists who work together on the treatment plan for a patient. They also conduct regular tumour board meetings so that the patient benefits from the input from each of the cancer specialists.
  • All the facilities and requirements, including testing for the diagnosis and treatment of various stages of breast cancer, are available in this comprehensive cancer centre. All your end-to-end care during your cancer treatment is provided under a single roof.
  • The hospital has senior cancer doctors and cancer specialists with advanced training in managing pain and the side effects of treatment.

2. Manipal Hospitals, HAL Old Airport Road, Bangalore.

Manipal Hospitals
  • Bangalore Manipal Hospital is equipped to treat early and advanced-stage breast cancer with a multidisciplinary team of oncologists who work as a team. Dr. Shabber Zaveri and Dr. Somashekar P are the senior most onco-surgeons in Bangalore. Both have advanced training from the USA for breast oncology. For Medical oncology, they have the most experienced doctor with 25+ years of experience, Dr. Poonam Patil. She’s known all over India for her focus on breast cancer treatment. She treats complex rare cancers also.
  • For breast cancer, in particular, the hospital recently upgraded their mammography equipment to the latest model which can detect cancer earlier and also perform 3D scans and advanced biopsy interventions. Only two hospitals offer these latest facilities in Bangalore.
  • They have breast cancer surgeons with super-specialisation in cancer surgery and reconstructive surgery.
  • The hospital has a rehabilitation department with a special focus on cancer rehabilitation. This includes pain management, nutrition management, speech therapy, and occupational therapy which are also important for cancer recovery.
  • Manipal Hospital has five branches across Bangalore. The doctors from the HAL Road main cancer centre are generally available in the other branches too, for follow up care.

These hospitals might seem expensive, but for all the right reasons. They have state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern techniques, super specialised oncology surgeons, and the best post-surgery care that is necessary for the patient, and their family. And this is where the difference between a teaching and non-teaching private hospital, comes up.

Non-teaching hospitals such as HCG and Manipal Hospitals tend to focus more on the holistic well-being of the patient. They not only focus on updated treatment methods, and the most effective medications but also provide immediate assistance to every patient.

Such service is difficult to find in teaching hospitals like St. John's Medical College and Vydehi Medical College, the main reason being that they cater to a student population, as well as to patients. There is usually a waiting line for patients and medical infrastructure is not as updated as that of Manipal or HCG.

Affordable cancer care centers

These are usually mid-size hospitals with an in-house oncologist, or having a tie-up with a visiting oncologist from a large cancer hospital who comes to operate there at a lower cost.

Onco India, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore

Cancer Hospital Bangalore
Led by Surgical Oncologist, Dr. Shivakumar Uppala, this hospital is equipped to treat Stage-I, II and III of breast cancer.
  • Dr. Shivakumar is trained in minimal access surgeries such as laparoscopy. These types of surgeries are advocated for cancer treatment as this offers faster recovery for patients.
  • Dr. Shivakumar also operates in HCG and Columbia Asia. However, the cost of treatment is lower when he operates in North Bangalore hospital.
  • The team at Onco India consists of a medical oncologist, a palliative care specialist, a genetic counsellor who is also available for genetic testing and a visiting radiation oncologist for consultation.
  • The hospital is well equipped to provide minimally invasive surgeries, also known as laparoscopic surgeries, which are beneficial due to less blood loss and faster recovery time. Advanced treatment services such as radiation therapy and advanced diagnostics such as PET CT scans are provided through partner hospitals.
  • Dr. Shivakumar Uppala is easily approachable to patients round the clock. He is personally available via phone calls, and messages, thus allowing him to attend to the concerns of his patients during any emergencies.
  • The hospital offers 30% discounts on all cancer diagnostics and surgeries. It also has the provision of flexible EMI payment options for patients.

There are many such affordable care cancer hospitals in Bangalore. Patients can get treated by top oncologists in these hospitals if they can’t afford to pay high service charges which all corporate hospitals charge.

You can find the entire list of hospitals with breast cancer care infrastructure and specialists here.

For any more clarifications about the best cancer hospitals in Bangalore that provide complete treatment for breast cancer or any other type of cancer, please get in touch with us at DCode Care.

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