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Private Priority Consultations with Kidwai Oncologists

  • > Book private appointments with oncologists from Kidwai, Bangalore

  • > Avoid waiting in crowded long queues with priority appointments

  • > Start cancer treatment immediately (within 24 hours of consultation) 

What is a Private Priority Consultation?

  • Get personalized consultation in a peaceful private medical setting

  • Quick access to medical opinion and treatment planning

  • Consultation by experienced oncologists trained from Kidwai Cancer Institute

  • Kidwai treats 20,000+ cancer cases every year, including complex cancers

  • Cancer treatment provided at affordable rates. Exclusive discounts on treatment and diagnostic tests.

How it Works

We assist you to identify the right doctor for your cancer & book appointment with the doctor. Face-to-face consultation and Video consultation available with oncologist.

You have the option to share medical reports via email or Whatsapp, before the appointment.

Attend consultation with oncologist to decide right treatment plan. Receive clinical treatment plan along with best cost quotations.

The DCode Care Promise

Right Hospital

Evaluate hospitals through expert ratings for infrastructure available to treat your cancer type.

Right Doctor

Get to the right specialist for your cancer type. Review experience in treating cases like yours.

Right Experience

Discover high-volume centers handling complex cases. Higher patient volumes mean better treatment success rates.

Right Price

Compare treatment costs, beforehand. Find financial assistance.

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We are here to help you decode the complex world of cancer.

About DCode Care

DCode Care is a platform for patients to find high-quality treatment options designed to international standards. We work continuously with doctors, clinics and hospitals to provide patients with more options. Patients are supported by our peer network of patients and survivors, to make confident decisions at every step.

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