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Need help with cancer treatment?

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Latest Radiation Therapy at Affordable Cost in Bangalore
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Avail Advanced Precision Radiation Therapy in Bangalore at 40% Discount

✓ Latest Radiation Therapy machines of South Asia.
✓ Targeted radiation to reduce side effects to healthy tissue
✓ High-end techniques 3D-CRT, IMRT, IGRT, VMAT,SBRT
✓ Radiation Oncologists with over 15 years of experience

Book Radiation Oncologist Consultation at Rs.500/-

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Exclusive Prices for DCode Care Patients for Radiation

Radiation Technique Useful for Walk-in price* to patients (in Rs.) DCode Care patients price* (in Rs.)
3D CRT Tumors too close to vital organs 1.60 lakh 90,000/-
IMRT Tumors close to or wrapped around a normal organ 2.68 lakh 1.20 lakh
IGRT Movable tumors or close to sensitive structures 2.91 lakh 1.75 lakh
VMAT Tumors close to or wrapped around a normal organ 3.65 lakh 3.00 lakh
SBRT Brain tumors and metastatic cancer 4.50 lakh 3.50 lakh
Brachytherapy (per session) Tumors of body cavity eg: uterine, esophageal, cervical 50,000/- 35,000/-

*Average estimation is for 25 days /5-weeks radiation therapy sessions. May vary basis patient condition.   

Get Radiation Therapy Estimate

Advantages of Radiation Therapy Techniques

Radiation Technique Advantages


(Harm to healthy body parts)
3D CRT Baseline RT technique with latest generation machines High 15 Min
IMRT More targeted radiation than 3DCRT Medium 20 - 25 Min
IGRT Better visualization than IMRT Medium 10-15 Min
VMAT 360-degree Radiation therapy approach Low 10-15 Min
SBRT Highly targeted technique for organs such as brain Low 30 Min
Brachytherapy (per session) Used for internal radiation Low 30 Min
Palliative RT Used for pain management Low 30 Min

Confused which Radiation Therapy technique is best for your case? Speak to our cancer counselor.

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FAQs about Radiation Therapy

1. Is Radiation Therapy harmful?

Radiation therapy techniques are planned in such a way that they damage cancer cells with as little damage as possible to the healthy cells

2. Is Radiation Therapy painful?

No, Radiation therapy is not painful, it’s just like taking an x-ray. Each session lasts for about 15- 30 minutes.

3. Do all cancer patients need Radiation Therapy?

Most cancer patients require radiation therapy in addition to surgery or chemotherapy. It depends on the type of cancer and the stage of the cancer.

4. Why do some patients need only 5-7 sessions of radiation, but some patients need  5 weeks?

The number of radiation sessions required for the patient depends on the technique and doses of radiation given. It can vary depending on the individual cases.

5. How often will a patient need to travel to hospital for radiation therapy sessions?

Radiation sessions are usually 5-days a week. The treatment span can extend from 1 week to 30 days depending on the specific needs of each case.

6. Will I need to get admitted for Radiation Therapy?

No, radiation sessions are quick and last for about 15-30 minutes. They are done on OPD basis, admission is not needed.

7. Does insurance cover radiation therapy?

Yes, it does. All insurances cover radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is usually done in OPD basis and is always covered by insurance

8. I got cancer treatment in one hospital, but can I take Radiation Therapy in another hospital?

Yes, you can. Since you need to travel to the hospital daily for Radiation therapy sessions, you may take radiation from a cancer center located conveniently near you.

Need Radiation Therapy for cancer treatment? Speak to our cancer counselor.

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Priority Appointments
Pre-negotiated Rates
Free Reports Review
Personalized assistance from Patient Counsellor
Save up to 40% on treatment

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47% of Cancer Surgeries in India are Unnecessary

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✓ Treatment info for 25+ cancers from the NCCN guidelines.
✓ Checklist of questions you must ask before starting treatment.
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✓ Cancer survival rate calculator. 
✓ Local resources for emotional support for cancer.
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My Mother had diagnosed with one of the life changing disease, I was completely lost after knowing it and not sure whom to reach out for guidance/suggestion. While browsing internet I come across Dcode Care and dropped a note for call back, less than 2hrs time I got a call from DCode Care. After speaking to DCode Care, most of my questions got answered and was able to take right decisions with the information they provided. DCode Care helped me with the budgeted hospital/labs with best doctors details at Bangalore. Thanks to DCode Care, I was able to get treated my Mother well with one of the top surgeon with advanced technologies.
Son of oral cancer patient | Laparoscopic surgery for cancer | Hosur, Bangalore
Despite going to large corporate hospitals, I was not convinced about what treatment was right for me. DCode Care team helped me find the right oncologists, helped me setup two priority appointments with leading oncologists. I got an honest medical opinion that was not commercially motivated. This gave me the confidence to take the right decision about my surgery. Thanks to the team at DCode Care for this sincere advice and timely support.
Mukesh Sharma
Kidney Cancer patient | Surgery
Jayanagar, Bangalore
I am thankful to the DCode Care team for helping me get a PET CT scan at 30% discount. They arranged an appointment quickly at a diagnostic center located near me.
Manjunath P
Patient | Diagnostic test for Lung cancer
Mathikere Bangalore
DCode Care team helped me identify the right medical oncologist near me and helped us avail chemotherapy at an affordable rate. My grandmother has taken two cycles and is doing well. Their guidance and advice helped me think through our situation and encouraged me during this difficult time.
Grand-daughter of patient | Chemotherapy Treatment for Lung cancer | Nagharbhavi Bangalore
When my uncle was diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma, it was a difficult time for me. We were in a dilemma about the treatment and who to consult. I found DCode Care online and contacted them. They reverted quickly and helped me meet the most promising oncologist in 24 hours. Thank you and God bless you all. DCode Care team is commendable.
Dr. Greeshma
Niece of patient | Immunotherapy for Liver cancer
I wrote to DCode Care online explaining my mother's cancer when she was diagnosed. Their counselor studied the reports and helped me understand the options for treatment. They suggested affordable cancer treatment from an experienced oncologist near by to Hebbal which was near me. DCode Care team helped me negotiate the surgery pricing and also helped me avail a medical loan. I thank them for guiding me correctly. My mother's operation is done, she is recovering well.
Son | Mastectomy (breast surgery) for Breast Cancer
Nandini Layout, Banglore
Hello, I am Sridhar Devaraj, 67, lung cancer patient who was treated very well by Shankara cancer hospital in March 2021. Since I responded well they advised for higher treatment and take a second opinion if necessary. At this time, I got in touch with DCode Care on the internet and they gave me good contacts for my treatment near me. They introduced me to Kiran Pet Scan center which was very good and reasonable. They also introduced to one more oncologist for second opinion. I feel they are doing a excellent work in cancer care in Bangalore and wish them more success.
Sridhar Devaraj
Lung cancer patient | 2nd opinion for Lung cancer
We had registered on DCOde Care, when my father was initially diagnosed with cancer. From the beginning the patient counselor had been continuously guiding us on options. SHe followed up with us throughout the entire treatment including surgery, radiation and post treatment recovery process. She was always approachable. Thank you for all the help. I am sure the DCode Care team would be of great help to anyone who is clueless about the cancer treatment process. They will connect you to the right doctors
Anshula Acharyya
Daughter of muscle cancer patient | Cancer Surgery and Radiation therapy for Muscle Cancer
Marathalli, Bangalore
I wrote online to Dcode Care when my wife was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer, Their patient counselor studied the reports and guided me to the best oncologist near me for our treatment. They helped us connect to the diagnostic centers also where we got a good experience as well. The team has supported us all through our cancer treatment journey. Dcode care is a good companion to reach out to for those in their cancer treatment journey.
Caregiver of a Thyroid cancer case, availed diagnostics and treatment
JP Nagar, Bangalore
When my employee's medical reports were suspicious of growth in kidney, we consulted many doctors who prescribed different opinions including surgery. I contacted DCode Care online. They reviewed the reports and quickly setup an appointment with a qualified oncologist at an affordable hospital in Kalyan Nagar. Doctor provided immediate medication for pain relief and did a thorough examination. Finally, the patient has recovered without the need for surgery. Thanks to DCode Care team for their prompt support guiding us to the right treatment option.
Ossie Martin
Caregiver of a kidney cancer case, availed second opinion for surgery
Sarjapur, Bangalore
I contacted Dcode Care online and received a call within a day. Their patient counselor helped me understand my father's case in detail. They guided me based on reports and helped me identify top head & neck oncologist in Bangalore. The counselor checked in regularly and helped us make a confident decision about right treatment option. I'm thankful for the timely support, guidance and encouragement
Shruti Ramakanth
Daughter of the patient, availed advanced diagnostics and surgery for head and neck cancer
Hebbal, Bangalore
I contacted DCode Care online when my sister was diagnosed with cervical cancer in my town, Chintamani. The patient counselor contacted me and helped me understand my treatment options in Bangalore. Since we didn't have medical insurance, they guided us to an affordable cancer hospital with an experienced oncologist, Dr.Shivakumar Uppala. We completed the entire treatment over 3 months - surgery, chemo and radiation therapy, brachytherapy. My sister is doing well. We are thankful to DCode Care for helping us with timely guidance about the cancer, correct treatment options and financial support by helping us with affordable options
Caregiver of a cervical cancer case, availed surgery, chemo, radiation therapy
Chintamani, Karnataka
I reached out to Dcode care when I needed help for the treatment options for my fathers throat cancer case. I was really confused in which oncologists will be best for my father's cancer case especially because he needed surgery. The team at Dcode care studied my father's reports and discussed the different options I have for my father's treatment. They helped me in choosing the best oncologist for his surgery. We were confident to go on with the surgery once we talked to the Dr. My father went on for the surgery and everything went well. He is continuing his treatment with chemotherapy now and is doing well. Dcode Care is doing a great job in this platform to help the family of cancer patients to make informed decisions. Thank You Dcode Care team
Daughter of Throat cancer patient, availed cancer surgery
Whitefield, Bangalore
It was Dcode Care that helped me find the best doctor for my mother's breast cancer treatment. I was in a different hospital when I wrote online to Dcode care for their assistance. The team did an excellent job in guiding me to the best treatment choice for my mother's cancer case. They got me in touch with Dr Kritika Murugan who is a super specialist in treating breast cancer cases who gave us the confidence to go ahead with the treatment. She has undergone surgery and is doing well and good. Thank You Dcode Care team.
Daughter of Breast cancer patient, availed cancer surgery
Yelahanka, Bangalore

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