About Us

We are a patient education and engagement platform. We help cancer patients find suitable care through our research-driven online tools. Patients and caregivers can discover options of doctors and hospitals available to them, get guidance from our past patients’ community and seek assistance during their care process from our Patient Navigators.

Why Us?

When a person finds out they have cancer; they start asking around for recommendations for a “good doctor” or a “good hospital”. Unfortunately, cancer treatment is complex. So, chances are that your neighbor or your cousin are not up to date with advancements in cancer treatment. There had to be a better way for you to find the right cancer care. So, we launched this website to give you a new alternative – Ask an expert in the field who knows way more about cancer treatments, than your neighbor.

We are a passionate team of individuals with background in research, cancer screening and diagnostics. We research everything. We only trust data. We learn every day. We’d be glad to help you decode this complex world of cancer. If you need help, call us or write in. We’ll get back with our customized expert recommendations for your specific case.

Our Vision

Driving a positive healthcare experience for patients.

Our Mission

Empower chronic/critical condition patients to find suitable care basis their individual needs. Always guide patients with trusted, relevant and actionable information about health care providers suited for their condition.

Our Editorial Policy

We produce independent, expert, up-to-date information for people suffering from cancer. Our information is based on the latest evidence and is reviewed every year. It is written in simple language and we try to make it accessible to a wide range of people.

Medical information on our website comes from high-quality medical association websites from around the world and is carefully reviewed by medical professionals.​ Medical information provided here is for general use, however, it does not apply to everyone. Please follow medical advise from registered medical practitioners for your specific condition.

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